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10 things every female bartender will understand

Over the past three years of working as a waiter list, I've heard more than my fair share of inappropriate comments. Some comments, however, are more common than others. So I compiled a list of the ten worst things that I suffered somewhat regularly.

1. about How about a smile there?

Smiley fake woman.
(Photo description: Fake woman smiling.) Via Giphy

Asking anyone to smile to you is unacceptable. But you can't expect me to do an eight-hour shift and to smile constantly for every customer. Plus, men always tell me to smile at the end of my shift period when I'm in a strange state. Take the men tip, I just want to close.

2. "Come here, hon."

A woman gestures puking with her hand.
(Photo description: A woman pretends to be vomiting.) Via Giphy

I am not young, sweetheart, sweetheart or any other false or insulting nickname that you compensate for me. So please stop.

3. "A beer, please

A man makes a confused expression while raising his hand.
(Photo description: Obama makes a fuzzy expression raising his hand.) Via Giphy

Erm, there are 10 different types of beer behind the bar. Can you be more precise? Thank you.

4. "What do you earn in an hour? I will pay you to stay open later

A woman sings the lyrics "No, no, no."
(Photo description: Beyonce sings the words "No, no, no.") Via Giphy

First, this is illegal. And secondly, no, I'm straight. I don't want to

5. â € onIâ € ™ in their tab

* Arms crumbs somewhere *

A woman raises her arms to ask "where".
(Photo description: A woman raises her arms to ask "Where?") By Giphy

They will buy you a drink if they want to pay you. And I don't want to blame when this person looks at his huge bill because of you.

6. * Waves of money in your face without words *

A woman laughs and says "Wow."
(Photo description: Blonde woman laughs and says "Wow") via Giphy

Wow, I am very impressed that you have real money. I will serve you immediately from now on.

7. "Some cash." Can you divide the remainder of the bill among five different credit cards?

The camera magnifies the face of the upset man.
(Photo description: The camera is zoomed into Justin's Timberlake's narrow face.) Via Giphy

If this is you, please stop. Why don't separate tabs run? Do you know how difficult it is to make a waiter for your life when you run one tab with a group of friends that should be split in the end?

8. "So, where is your friend?"

A woman spins her eyes.
(Photo description: A woman turns her eyes.) Via Giphy

This has nothing to do with you or my waiter's work.

9. "Put some music on"

A woman puts her fingers on her temple in disappointment.
(Photo description: A woman puts her fingers on her temples in frustration.) Via Giphy

This is often shouted across the tape. I am a waiter, not a DJ. I would also be more cooperative if customers asked me well or added the phrase "please."

10. "When can I see you on the other side of the tape?"

A woman shakes her head to say "No".
(Photo description: A dark-haired woman shakes her head to say "no") via Giphy

Start. And if you're on the other side of the bar, Please do not approach me.

All in all, I am very grateful for the extra cash I got from falling off, despite the patience tested by customers.

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