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15 times you realized being vegan didn’t suck

The plant plant has been around for ages.

Ancient Indian and Eastern Mediterranean societies were involved in choosing a lifestyle that avoids all animal products. The plant Pythagoras was mentioned in 500BC. Five centuries ago, African culture was largely dependent on the traditional foods of leaves, roots, tubers, corn, roots, lamps, seeds, buds, buds, stems, pods or edible flowers.

In western society, the plant plant has not been recognized until recently. 2019 has been considered a vegetarian year, so there are 15 reasons why you are a great vegetarian.

Ben 1. Ben and Jerry have their own floral flavors

A white man lies on the bed, licking two ice creams in his hands.
(Photo description: A man lying on a mattress, licking two ice creams in his hands.) Via GIPHY

Ben and Jerry just released 12 non-dairy flavors. Should we be excited?

I'm so busy on the knee in creamy almond milk to remember what we're talking about …

2. Apparently, it is prevalent now

A white boy looks at a white man and smiles
(Photo description: The boy looks at a man and smiles) via GIPHY

Gone are the days when people thought you were crazy.

Now, people think you and all the jazz lovers are crazy. You can now eat your vegetarian meal calmly without having to make it clear, no you don't miss meat, yes, you can eat chocolate.

 3. … although you still have to prepare the answers right away

A white girl in orange dress sits on the floor holding a black gun.
(Photo description: A girl in orange clothes sitting on the floor holding a black gun) Via GIPHY

People understand this concept, but not everyone is ready to let it go. It is a good idea to check the facts only if someone tries to argue with you about your beliefs.

4. Orius vegetarian.

Young white girl in yellow coat, candyfloss clutches. It is a wide smile.
(Photo description: Young girl in a yellow coat, looks like a candy. It's a big smile.) Via GIPHY by Demic

Yes. Yes. Yes.

5. Instagram is full of supportive pages with pictures of grateful animals

A young infant dances and plays happily in a field.
(Photo description: A little boy dancing and playing happily in a field.) Via GIPHY

Nothing says “Thank you” better than Lime that claims this calf is smiling because you chose not to eat it. You can continue with the rest of your day in the ninth cloud after a few of these life-sustaining jobs.

6. Fake leather is much cheaper than real leather

A black bald man raises a black woman's bracelet to inspect him.
(Photo description: A man raises a woman's bracelet to inspect it.) Via GIPHY

The animals may be happy, the planet may be happy, but most effective is knowing how happy our governor is. Fake skins have the same feeling with less extra blood.

7. KFC now has vegetarian options.

A white man exits his office and follows a group of scared employees.
(Photo description: A man exits his desk and follows a group of panic) by GIPHY

Welcome, Colonel.

8. Pizza Hut and Pizza Express are now making vegan cheese

A white man in a brown suit raises his hands in the air, celebrating it.
(Photo description: A man in a brown suit raises his hands in the air, celebrating him.) Via GIPHY

Family dinners are now less critical because there's finally something you can eat – wherever you go.

9. No one expects you to be perfect.

A white man wearing a cowboy hat smiling in the sun.
(Photo description: A man wearing a cowboy hat smiling in the sun.) Via GIPHY

To be honest, people who eat meat used to accuse you of "standing on your high horse" or two parts. With documentaries and materials available, more and more people are educating themselves on why they are vegetarians.

You can slide and do not get hit.

10. Netflix has your back

A blue mermaid with a purple tail located under the sea, watching NETFLIX off a laptop.
(Photo description: Mermaid with a purple tail located under the sea, watching NETFLIX from a laptop.) Via GIPHY

If you want to remind yourself why you finished Hershey chocolate, you can turn to any one of a number of Netflix documentaries. What health, Earthlings, And Cowspiracy It is only three that will boost you again in your mission.

11. Greta Thunberg

Two white men bend over to someone. One has long blonde hair, the other is a black baseball cap.
(Photo description: Two men bow to someone, one has long blonde hair, and the other is a black baseball cap). Via GIPHY

With young speakers while Tonberg takes to the streets, sudden vegetative activity appears to be more doable. If she can do it, I can be bloody well!

12. Behind the meat is.

The yellow bear ties a bib around his neck, then picks up his trimmed tools enthusiastically.
(Photo description: Winnie the Pooh ties a bib around his neck, then picks up the cutlery enthusiastically.) Via GIPHY

This brand is revolutionary. Their burgers wilt and fry, and it melts in your mouth "apparently" like the real thing. All I know is that they are the best tasty vegetarian burgers I've ever tasted.

13. Voted just on Benedict Cumberbatch's most beautiful vegetarian PETAâ € ™ s.

A white man sits in a suit and talks to someone
(Photo description: A man in a suit sitting and talking to someone) via GIPHY

Mmmm Not only are we looking so much at doing this, but also to look at others who look great at doing it.

14. There are hundreds of "tough challenges" if you are not quite prepared to commit. Beyonce created one

A white man in a jumpsuit jumps up and down and claps his hands
(Photo description: A man in a suit jumps up and down and claps his hands) via GIPHY

That's right, Queen of Pop created her botanical challenge for 22 days. Now all single women can put a "chicken" fake (sorry) on it.

15. Wagamama turn on their vegetarian options

A white man in a yellow polo blouse drops his hand and says
(Photo description: A man in a yellow polo neck pulls out his hand and says "Yes") via GIPHY

This international brand has been paired with vegan chef Jazz Oakley To create an awesome new list. With fake eggs made with coconut cream and sriracha, the new dishes are definitely something exciting.

Whatever the reason behind our pursuit of vegetarianism, 2019 has our back.

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