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Here’s what happened when I tried ordering halal meat online

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a carnivore.

There is nothing better for me than a medium rare steak just so On a cast iron pan

Despite this fact, I have spent many years of my life spending no alternative to halal meat while spending vegetarian alternatives (hey, no vegetarian haters).

Halal has always been important to my family.

I am sure you are there: searching the grocery store with a halal intensity, hopefully you will not have to spend hours on a halal butcher after a long day, just to find out what it is Bear Only Ran out and you didn't want to come again tomorrow?

Halal has always been important to my family.

As a newly immigrant Muslim immigrant to Japan, my parents used to travel to the region once a month for a lawful tenant. The ration will be given to save the meat throughout the month. When my family moved to the United States, my parents continued our commitment to Zabiya Halal, because they saw it as a reminder of our faith and cultural identity.

But access to Halab meat is never easy – especially in isolated areas where I grew up. Let's be real, after coming home after a long week of work, there is no drainage, just another track in search of rentals.

It got to the point where my friends often heard me talk about how real the struggle was (and if I was hungry, things would have gotten worse. Sorry, y'all!). That is, until that day when my best friend Amina found the best way to shut me down because she had just started using a meat-serving company that actually Send him halal meatGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Skeptical? Duh curious. Of course. It was true that was great – or so I thought.

It turns out do not have It's too good to be true.

Amana sent me the link that day, who told me about Boxed Halal, and at the end of my wisdom, I decided to check it out as much as it takes to raise my hand on meat.

Okay fine, I thought. It can actually work. The company talked about that it shipped Zabiya halal meat anywhere in the United States, so why not give it a chance? On the shop page, they listed all the meat options available. In less than a minute I found something more annoying than trying to make this decision instead of standing on a halal counter.

Let's be real – The guy behind the counter is usually scary.


Taking a deep breath and making a big leap to unknown people ordering food online, I used ground beef (a classic!), Greasy chicken (luxury in my local lawn store!), And chicken breasts (most recently). Part of madness), don't hate).


I had never ordered meat online before, so I was curious to see how the shipping process would be.

(I say this as someone who literally placed an order from H&M and never got their clothes on because … New Hampshire.)

Just two days after placing the order, Nikki's box arrived.


(Image description: Box Halal box before arrival, before opening.) Courtesy Author.
(Image description: Box Halal box before arrival, before opening.) Courtesy Author.

after the:

(Image description: Meat and packaging inside boxed halal package, after opening.) Courtesy Author.
(Image description: Meat and packaging inside boxed halal package, after opening.) Courtesy Author.

It turns out that the boxed packs halal meat in a vacuum sealed bag, which is packaged alongside the ice pack. Even though there was Some Waste (reusing ice packs is not really my thing), the meat was fresh and cool.

related to kitchen

I just started cooking and started with my favorite meal, butter chicken. It was the end of the work day, and I was not feeling the extreme process of making it from scratch, so I cut the chicken off and topped it with the ready butter chicken sauce.

You know, the authentic way. I served the dish with rice flakes (yes, yes, the wrong kind of rice, but the desire always wins, right?).

Butter chicken and rice sit on a pale white plate.
(Image description: Butter chicken and rice pellet sits on a white plate.) Courtesy of the author.

the taste

It was an instant hit.

The chicken breast was completely soft and juicy, as if it had never been frozen. My mum, who is usually very nice, got scared and was shocked to find out. That this was mail-ordered meat.

The next day was a special day. Since I was home to my family and my brother (who is hungry for five ordinary people) was coming out for dinner, I decided to go all out with the other two products.

The first dish I made was my family's trademark seafood dish, Malabhbh (also commonly known as Mylobia). This dish uses rice with fried eggplant and our favorite meat. Generally, we use ground beef, but I decided that we should dare and dare with chicken. I browned the chicken and carefully hid it in the rice dish, in the meantime I was only sticking to some bites. Ground chicken fulfilled all my health wishes, limited fat in meat and a clean but subtle but chicken flavor. It was clear that this would prove to be a winner for Mouliwah.

The quality of the meat in a dish like kofta varies greatly, so I wanted to test the boxed halal.

While Macube was brewing, I started with ground beef.

I decided to make kofta, a dish that I usually refuse to make because of the manual labor factor (I make ™ ma lazy cook, okay), but ground beef. It seemed great to pass such a limited spice. Dish makes meat quality a too big Differences in dish like kofta, so I wanted to test the boxed halal.

In the cheap cooker, it went with some tomato puree.

Bake in a pan.
(Image description: Kofta is ready and ready to go.) Courtesy of Author.

When dinner time approached, we were all excited to taste the results of the night's endeavors. The first dish to be eaten was mulabh (not surprisingly). The ground chicken was soft and complimented the taste of the molube.

However, the real winner, down below, was Kufa. Baked Halal Ground Beef is a match, by contrast, found in local halal stores, and each bite has a great taste that only comes from high quality meat.


Overall, Boxed Halal was everything I had only ever dreamed of before. I used to think that eating halal meant compromises – maybe sacrificing extra time or quality. Boxed Halal has changed that for me.

As a young professional who has a hard time sleeping, even though he does grocery shopping, Boxed Halal makes it easy for me to observe my Halal diet from the comfort of my bed. Driving to a halal store or being disappointed with the low quality of meat that I provided has been a constant pressure.

Gone is the constant pressure of driving to a halal store.

Instead, I can now sign in quickly online and order my weekly meat intake, even without my home.

Since my initial order, I have been spreading the good news of Boxed Halal like nothing else.

I myself cannot look back in the days of halal search. If you've been on a long journey in search of an alternative, consider this my official seal of approval for Boxed Halal and all their delicious meat offerings.

And let's be real – next time you're craving a good burger, there's no better time. What better time to try than now?

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