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My dad’s cooking let me explore the world and relive his experiences

When you think about exploring the world, what comes to mind may be travel. While I was fortunate to be able to travel, I explored the world in other ways. In the first place, I explored the world by cooking my dad.

I have had a close relationship with my father for most of my life. The biggest thing between us is our love of food. My dad is a wonderful cook. Meanwhile, I can't cook to save my life. Well, maybe some noodles, but that's it. I always appreciated his cooking and the stories that accompanied him

I had the opportunity to live in many different countries. He tried to immerse himself in their cultures. This includes their food. He was born in Switzerland and has lived since then in Germany, England, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA now. He has had the opportunity to travel to more countries to work, such as China and Cuba.

While my father lived in different countries in the world, he told me that he did his best to absorb every culture and learn from it. For my dad, main food lovers like me, this means eating and learning to make a kitchen.

I was born in Canada, and on this point, my father lived in Germany, England, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. I grew up eating and appetizing that can be considered a traditional food from all these countries, from naan to raclette to pickled cabbage. Â While it was great on our own to be able to eat a wide range of food, my father's enthusiasm also led me to appreciate these foods.

Every meal I had for dinner was a feast in my father's eyes. I didn't understand why he had this approach when I was younger. This probably came from his joy of remembering the countries in which he lived and the experiences that he lived. Somehow, I managed to explore my father's life by cooking.

His kitchen allowed me to learn about my Swiss French heritage. My father, being from the French part of Switzerland, loved any meal that included cheese. This led us to have a raclet or fondue for dinner. During these meals, my father used to talk about the times when he was going up to church with his church when he was younger. These worldly stories included arcade games. During boring, he gave me insight into parts of my father's life before I was born.

I may not have the opportunity to travel and live in many places like my father for health reasons. Frankly, this is a major source of frustration. I always wanted to travel around the world and live in countless countries. As for my specific condition, there are only 70 doctors who treat them in the world. Most of them are in the United States.

My father's health did not affect his ability to move. To be honest, I'm a bit jealous. But I will surround his love of cuisine and culture with me as I continue throughout the different stages of my life. Food is an important part of culture, and I hope I can see and experience as many cultures as I can.

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