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The most important meals of my life (so far)

If you were like me, your memories are distinguished by three things: the person you were in, the people you were with, and what you were eating at the time. Guilt excursions, making friends, lessons learned – all revolve around food. Here are some of my special memories that I told through the food I was eating, and what it meant for me.

1. infamous King Laminar, 2011

A small carton of McDonald's potato is pushed away from the bulk. You read the caption,
(Photo description: A small portion of McDonald's Fries is centrifuged away by a larger portion. The comment reads, "30% by volume.") Via Giphy.

Let me prepare the scene: Amsterdam during Ramadan. Fasting 19 hours. My father had accidentally walked my 9-year-old brother straight into the red light district and I thought the butt plug was little lava lamps. It was close to sunset, almost time to break our fast, as we walked across the warm glowing front King Laminar. We received this safe sodium-rich space with open arms, and somehow left enough chips to feed the Von Trapp family, as well as some nuns.

After one hour in our hotel room and me, my parents and my brother are struggling with marinated mayonnaise after fried mayonnaise. The last thing we wanted to do during Ramadan was to waste food, however King Laminar We were defeated. With no one giving him the rest of the food to our room in the bedroom from unsaturated fat and guilt, countless chips were thrown into a trash can behind our hotel. To this day, Ramadan brings painful memories from King Laminar For my family and me. Sorry, we are pine, but most importantly, we mourn.

2. Bonding Pastries and Chocolate Milk, 2013-2015

Two black women (the musicians Punek and Nick Ming) intertwine in their arms and feed all the other burgers. They both take large exaggerated bites.
(Photo description: Two black women (Bionic and Nick Ming musicians) tangle in their arms and each feeds some burgers. They both take large, exaggerated bites.) Via Giphy.

When we were in school, between the ages of 15 and 17, I had one of my best friends, and I had a ritual. Every day, during a break, we used to buy sausage pastries and chocolate milk and sit and eat it while weeping with laughter. We spent the next five years eating rapeseed and drinking mint tea in order to counteract all that butter and sugar, and I have no regrets. From looking in our bags for loose change if one of us was short on cash, to pastry chips falling from our shirts and coming out of bras when the bell rang, those fifteen minutes of venting, ventilating and giving really awesome golden tips. Pastries and milk with flavor have not been the same since.

3. Pasta Pesto Nightmares, 2015

A white man wearing curly, blonde wig with fringe and pink headband. He also wears a purple tube, bows, and necklace and says in disgust, "Ew!" "width =" 445 "height =" 410
(Photo description: A white man wearing a curly, blonde wig with bangs and a pink headband. He also wears a purple tube top, bows and a necklace say in disgust, "Ew!") Via Giphy.

I went to college completely unprepared for living for the first time. I can cook two things, neither of which was good. I wasn't quite sure how to use the can opener, a fact I'm not proud of. So when one of my apartment colleagues taught me how to make enough good pesto noodles, I was on the plane. The pasta only needed to boil, the sauce came out of a jar, and there was no limit to the amount of cheese you could add.

So, I made pasta. Everyday. For weeks, then for several months. So, what do you know, my first term ended and I survived toast and pasta. You won't be surprised to know that when I got back after Christmas, something changed. The smell of pesto made me shiver. The bait made me gag. I haven't eaten pesto since. Sometimes food teaches you lessons people cannot learn, and the pesto pasta has taught me that I need to grow up.

4. Ancient Islands Day cake, 2018

A brunette woman with thick rim glasses sits in a news bureau with a map of the world behind her. A cake sits in front of her while she is quickly sweeping into her mouth, to put it on her face. "width =" 451 "height =" 252
(Photo description: A brown-eyed brunette sits in a news bureau with a map of the world behind her. A cake sits in front of her as she shovels her in her mouth quickly, and puts her on her face). Via Giphy.

Years ago, I had been eating the same carrot cake slice from the same cafe in Colombo. It's the best I have, so I thought it would be appropriate to order a full cake like my 21st birthday. I wanted it fresh, made for me Not With two candles in the form of & # 39; 2 & # 39; And & # 39; 1 & # 39; , But with 21 individual candles to maximize the effect.

I took a giant bite from that cake with the arrogant confidence of a mixed-race child at an international school in Colombo. So imagine my soul when it tasted nothing As usual. Almost nearly I had a total breakdown; I know my birthday was ruined (dramatic, but if you've read this far away, you realize this is well related to who I am as a person). I didn't even finish the slide until the next day when I thought I'd give it a second chance. The ice turns to its right taste only 24 hours after it was made. The lesson here? Sometimes, you just have to let things sit for a while.

Of the chips that have gone out of my mind with basil, I have memories based on a million meals. I highly recommend that you make your own.

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