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Two simple steps for feeling sane in college and staying that way

Trigger warning: indicates eating disorder and excessive exercise

For many, the start of the new year brings the desire to start again. It is a great time to start new goals and actions. In fact, popular media often makes it mandatory because our previously collapsed lives finally came into effect as the calendar shifted. Not surprisingly, many of us felt pressure to implement a meditation plan, meal preparation, workout food, self-care, or social trip schedule that we had on our minds over the past few months – maybe even all of the above!

I blame childhood perfection, anxiety disorder, or Capricorn season, but it took me a long time to learn that starting a new semester with new goals does not mean that I have to stick to it completely. I rarely struggled with falling from the cart; instead, I clung tightly to the cart as it was towed over the rocky terrain, ignoring all reasonable sounds in my head that only told me Give it up.

For some of us, goal setting can be very unhealthy if it is not done with a balanced, value-based approach. Â In my short life, I reduced it to two rules: first, "pre-goal", acknowledge your values, and as you move forward, take some time to think about yourself – as well as get involved in some subjective matters. Care.

1. Recognizes your values

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I spent my first two years of college committed to work daily or almost daily, regardless of what happens. She also hated working with her and had a somewhat unhealthy approach. Most focused on burning calories. (As it turned out, I am now recovering from an eating disorder!) Regardless, I did not want to be one of those people who went to college and had a very fun sweep I forgot my goals to become stronger, and we hope to be one of those girls Who love to work.

Even exercising 40 minutes a day – which doesn't sound like anything to many fitness folks – can be a lot on a busy college schedule and what I remember most of the times is choosing to miss other things. I remember the second week of college, buzzing with bronchitis in an oval shape because I don't want to skip today. I remember choosing to run on a treadmill instead of doing the last minute in the mid-term because I knew it would calm me down more to get this exercise – then get a B that would have been A. Eating Luna Bar and jogging in the morning after drinking my first beer instead of going To "have lunch" with the people in my building because my goal was more important than making new friends.

This is when your values ​​are recognized. It looks very therapeutic, I know, but I recommend including it on paper. Yes, I did not want to give up, but if you do provide a list of what I really appreciate at the age of 18, "Academic Good Performance" and "Making New Friends" would definitely be better than me. Minutes on elliptical Regardless.â € Those Regardless Objectives – It's almost not good. I had to retreat and looked after years to realize what was important to me – but if I gave myself a few minutes at that time to meditate, I could have saved myself some problems.

2. Reflect (by yourself)

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Do not continue to do something if you are not satisfied with you – and certainly continue to do something if that happens. Personally, I don't tend to do without food groups unless it's out of medical necessity, but I know a lot of people who have been getting rid of dairy products or limiting their conscience by changing the game. But if you only avoid baking because some bloggers say that, it may not be for you.

Feeling comfortable with ourselves may be uncomfortable, but it allows us to see the goals that are working before plowing. I think spending Some Time alone should be on everyone's goal list, whether I am 20 years old, single, gay, or married to KEDOS (although I realize how hard this is!)

Don't be fooled by the glamorous and cheerful self-care that includes turnip juices, pilates and shower bombs, especially given that much of the self-care that companies do is only part of our capitalist system. "Buy something to calm down, for example, one minute and then prepare to return to your job with a little renewable energy." Try to find something to do on your own that actually meets you, regardless of whether or not Instagrammable. Running, pilates, documentaries and cakes, staring at the wall – they are all perfectly fit, as long as it actually reloads you. Because goals are more fun when we are You want To do it.

I don't know if this is suitable for everyone, but it definitely is for me. I hope you have a wonderful spring semester with all kinds of turnips and dates of study that your heart desires – as long as they stay fine.

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