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Two simple steps for feeling sane in college and staying that way

Trigger Alert: Mention eating disorders and excessive exercise. Men

For many, the beginning of a new year brings with it the desire to start anew. It’s a great time to start setting new goals and routines. In fact, the popular media often makes it compelling that our past disappointing lives eventually turn into a calendar. Not surprisingly, many of us have felt the pressure to plan or meditate, grind or exercise or take care of ourselves or implement a social out schedule that we have been experiencing over the past few months. Were in the back of their minds. Maybe all of the above, too!

Blame it on childhood perfectionism, anxiety disorder, or maritime weather, but it took me a long time to learn that starting a new semester with new goals does not mean that I am fully involved with them. Adhere to I rarely struggled with falling off a wagon. Instead, I leaned heavily on the wagon as it dragged on the rocky terrain, ignoring all the reasonable sounds in my head just to let me know that Leave it.

For some of us, setting goals can be quite unhealthy if it is not done with a value-based and balanced approach. In my short life, I pushed it on two rules: oh, so, “target already”, recognize your values, and as you progress, it takes some time to reflect on yourself as well as some self. I’m busy take care of

1. Recognize your values

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I spent my first two years in college determined to work daily or near daily, no matter what else was happening. I also hated working and I had a pretty unhealthy way of doing it. I focused mostly on burning calories. (As it turns out, I’m now recovering from an eating disorder!) Regardless, I didn’t want to be one of those people who went to college and drifted in on leisure, Forget your goals are strong, (hopefully) thin and one of those girls who likes to work.

Even exercising for 40 minutes a day – which seems like nothing to many fitness people – can be a lot in a busy college schedule and what I miss most about this time is the other. Likes to miss things. I remember the second week of college, which was supposed to be home with bronchitis, because I didn’t want to miss a day. I remember choosing to race on the treadmill instead of running at the last minute for a midterm because I knew that after putting in this workout I would be more calm and then get a B. That could have been A’s. I remember eating Luna Bar and meeting with people in my hostel in the morning. going going going. going .. going … going .. going going ……………………………….. After having my first beer instead of going.

When it comes to recognizing your values, it seems like a lot of therapy, I know, but I recommend listing them on paper. Yes, I didn’t want to give up, but if I did, at 18, I really made a list of them, which is doing better academically – and “making new friends – I definitely have more than that. So “. Minutes on the eve Does not matterGeneral Chat Chat Lounge € He Does not matter Goals وہ € وہhe almost € almost s almost never good again. I had to step back and look at what was important to me years later. Could prevent any trouble.

2. Think (by yourself)

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If you do not feel good then do nothing and if it does work then definitely do something. Personally, I don’t really want to cut down on food groups unless it requires medical attention, but I know a lot of people who need to eliminate dairy or honestly limit sugar to a game changer. Is. But if you are just avoiding bread because as some bloggers have said, this will not be for you.

Being alone with yourself can be painful, but it allows us to see what goals work before running smoothly. I’m sure it costs Some Time alone should be on everyone’s list of goals, whether you are 20 years old and married to a single or kudos like me (though I know how difficult it can be!)

Don’t be fooled by the glamorous and shiny self-care that includes black smoothies, palettes and bath bombs, especially considering how corporate-inspired self-care is our capitalist system. Is just a part of minute € something For a minute you get something to cool down and then get ready to go back to your work with a little bit of renewed energy. “No. Try to find something to be lonely that really caters to you, regardless of whether Instagram is worth it. Pilates, documentaries and donuts, saying that the wall is completely True, unless it really charges you – because when the goals are very pleasant. Want To them.

I don’t know if this works for everyone, but it’s definitely useful to me. I hope you have a wonderful spring semester with all the Kelly smoothies, and that studying your history of your heart’s desires – until they feel good.

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